PhpStorm/IntelliJ/Pycharm 支持git-bash以及powershell

How to use PowerShell as default terminal in IntelliJ/PhpStorm/Pycharm/…

  1. Open IntelliJ settings.
  2. Go to the “Tools” section.
  3. Press the “Terminal” option.
  4. Set the correct Shell path to the PowerShell EXE file. In the case of Windows 8.1, the path is: C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe. You should use the latest PowerShell version available!
  5. Create a new terminal session in IntelliJ. Alternatively, you can just restart IntelliJ to apply the changes.

Setup JetBrains(InteliJ, WebStorm, PHPStorm) IDE terminal to use GIT bash

  1. File
  2. Settings
  3. (Enter ‘Terminal’ in search)

Change Shell path to:

"C:\Program Files\Git\bin\sh.exe" --login -i