python 清理html

def clean_html(html):
    Copied from NLTK package.
    Remove HTML markup from the given string.

    :param html: the HTML string to be cleaned
    :type html: str
    :rtype: str

    # First we remove inline JavaScript/CSS:
    cleaned = re.sub(r"(?is)<(script|style).*?>.*?(</\1>)", "", html.strip())
    # Then we remove html comments. This has to be done before removing regular
    # tags since comments can contain '>' characters.
    cleaned = re.sub(r"(?s)<!--(.*?)-->[\n]?", "", cleaned)
    # Next we can remove the remaining tags:
    cleaned = re.sub(r"(?s)<.*?>", " ", cleaned)
    # Finally, we deal with whitespace
    cleaned = re.sub(r" ", " ", cleaned)
    cleaned = re.sub(r"  ", " ", cleaned)
    cleaned = re.sub(r"  ", " ", cleaned)
    return cleaned.strip()



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