dep – Go dependency tool

Dep is a prototype dependency management tool. It requires Go 1.7 or newer to compile.

dep is NOT an official tool. Yet. Check out the Roadmap! Current status

Alpha. Functionality is known to be broken, missing or incomplete. Changes are planned to the CLI commands soon. It would be unwise to write scripts atop dep before then. The repository is open to solicit feedback and contributions from the community. Please see below for feedback and contribution guidelines.

Gopkg.toml and Gopkg.lock have reached a stable structure, and it is safe to commit them in your projects. We plan to add more to these files, but we guarantee these changes will be backwards-compatible.

glide – Package Management for Golang https://glide.sh

Are you used to tools such as Cargo, npm, Composer, Nuget, Pip, Maven, Bundler, or other modern package managers? If so, Glide is the comparable Go tool.

Manage your vendor and vendored packages with ease. Glide is a tool for managing the vendor directory within a Go package. This feature, first introduced in Go 1.5, allows each package to have a vendor directory containing dependent packages for the project. These vendor packages can be installed by a tool (e.g. glide), similar to go get or they can be vendored and distributed with the package.

Golang Dep

An official package manager has been started for the Go community. We view this as a good thing to bring everyone together around one solution. It’s currently pre-alpha so it’s not ready for prime time usage.

If you start to poke it you’ll see it has a similar style to Glide. While commands may have different names there are many of the same features such as semantic versions and ranges.

Our view is that Glide will be around until an official package manager is ready for production use by the masses. We support the common tool and look forward to the day it is capable of replacing Glide.


  • Ease dependency management
  • Support versioning packages including Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 support. Any constraint the github.com/Masterminds/semver package can parse can be used.
  • Support aliasing packages (e.g. for working with github forks)
  • Remove the need for munging import statements
  • Work with all of the go tools
  • Support the VCS tools that Go supports:
    • git
    • bzr
    • hg
    • svn
  • Support custom local and global plugins (see docs/plugins.md)
  • Repository caching and data caching for improved performance.
  • Flatten dependencies resolving version differences and avoiding the inclusion of a package multiple times.
  • Manage and install dependencies on-demand or vendored in your version control system.